We are thrilled to announce, we are in the midst of great growth and change, to better serve all of our members, as well as to build an even stronger, vibrant, local economy for DC.

As a result you may have or will experience some delays in hearing from us. We apologize and we will get back to you. Please be patient with us, as we modify our team roles and responsibilities, in addition to bringing on additional staff. However, if there is anything you need urgently call Omeed Tabiei at 202-812-4012

Executive Director – Volunteer

Nina Liggett

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Listen Local First Director – Volunteer

Chris Naoum

Chris Naoum is an attorney who specializes in copyright, media and telecom law and policy. Chris has previously worked as the Deputy Editor for and as Policy Counsel for the Future of Music Coalition. Chris has been a long time advocate of independent musicians focusing on licensing and copyright reform for the past two years. He has focused much of his work on artist development and proposing policy reforms that benefit local creative communities.

Before moving to Washington, Chris received his BA from Emory University and his JD and MA in Television Radio and Film Policy from Syracuse University.

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Omeed Tabiei – TLF Manager

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