12 Days of Local Video Release

posted Tuesday, November 30 by TLF

This holiday season consumers urged to shop at National Chains will be reinforced by big-budget campaigns with flashy ads and viral marketing. While Local, Independents may not have the money for millions of dollars in ads we are trying to bring attention to spending locally by snagging a piece of the viral pie with the 12 Days of Local video.

12 Days of Local is a music video comprised of tunes sung by 12 independent DC business owners reminding consumers to remember the local businesses as an option for spending holiday dollars.

“Regardless of the shape of the economy, people spend money during the holidays. We are not asking them to spend more, we are just asking them to keep their spending local,” explains Trisha Clauson, Executive Director of Think Local First DC. “By supporting local business you are supporting the neighbors and friends who are personally and financially invested here, and who in turn spend their dollars in ways that support your livelihood and the social services and safety nets we all rely on.”

An economic impact study comparing 10 locally-owned independent businesses and 10 chains in the same categories in Chicago found that the independents generate 70% more local economic activity per square foot than chains. It also found independents to generate slightly more sales per square foot than chains.

Participation in the video, which is part of a 12 Days of Local push for Think Local First, includes background music by Marshall Key and appearances from business owners of Busboys and Poets, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Hill’s Kitchen, Hello Cupcake, Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce, Lettie
Gooch Boutique, Tryst, Taqueria Distrito Federal, Boundless Yoga and Logan Hardware. The production of video was provided by local rapper and videographer, W. Ellington Felton.

In addition to the music video, Think Local First will share footage of various DC personalities spending their own money locally, a unified Twitter campaign as well as grassroots marketing.

“We know through several studies that dollars spent in locally owned, independent businesses have three times the impact on a community than dollars spent at national chains. In other words, for every $100 spent at a local business $45 is re-circulated in the community, vs. only $13 at a national big box store, such as Walmart. Local businesses create more local jobs, fund more city services through sales taxes, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development,” states Andy Shallal, Chairman of Think Local First and owner of BusBoys and Poets and Eatonville.

“We are hoping that these creative efforts will not only remind consumers to shop locally this season but also drive traffic to the Think Local First website where people can receive an education on what spending locally does for their community,” states Kim Weeks, owner of Boundless Yoga and Marketing Chair of Think Local First.