A Business Model Built to Lessen Stress

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Owning a business can be stressful. Jasmine Chehrazi, Founder of the Yoga District turned a need for stress relief into a business venture that now has five locations. Her mission is to make yoga accessible to all. At $10 a class, she is one of the most affordable studios in DC.

Yoga District at Locals Unplugged

How does she do it, grow and still live true to her mission? Well, she says that her model is a way of life not a business.

Leaving a life of law, Jasmine stumbled upon the creation of Yoga District. There was always an idea and a mission but the execution was a journey filled with support from community and “what was meant to be”. The organic nature of her business growth is very much in alignment with the yogi perspective! When asked of the most important lesson learned as a business owner during the Locals Unplugged Business Breakfast, she replied, “It is important to stay out of the way of momentum when something is happening.” Is is this momentum and mindset that has allowed her to open in five neighborhoods in just five years. Well, that and the the support and creativity of landlords, board members, and her long time mentor. “You must refine success based on your values. Believing in the people you work with is key,” explains Jasmine while being interviewed by Live Green Spot Member, Addie Spahr, the founder and principal consultant of Green Living Consulting.

People come first but technology helps! Jasmine expressed the importance of tools such as YELP and Groupon for providing visibility for Yoga District.

She says that you don’t have to have a mat to live the yoga way.

Tips for Lessening Stress in Your Own Business of Life
Pause, become proactive. Take time to decide where your words are coming from before you speak
Replace the post work happy hour with a meditation class or community projects
Replace unhealthy rituals with healthy rituals.

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