Does Choosing Local Pay Off?

posted Monday, February 14 by Stacey Price, Communications Director

Yesterday I set out to purchase a replacement for a 3-cup French Press, broken while jittery after too much coffee with my Sunday morning paper. Fifteen blocks, five purchases from five independent establishments, two friendly run-ins and a new client contact proves that buying local pays off.

You see, I could have made my purchase one block from my apartment at a chain store. I would have been finished in 10 minutes. This was obviously the less time consuming choice, but would my adventure been the same?

The answer is no.

You see, we are not unreasonable. We know that it is not always possible to buy local, almost always but not always. By asking you to think local first, we just want to make sure that before every purchase you think first about the local options.

Sometimes choosing local is not the most convenient option. Yesterday this meant 15 extra blocks and 48 extra minutes. Sometimes it means a little extra cost (like yesterday, sometimes the price is the same). I chose the path because of my dedication to local but also because I enjoy the experience. On the way to my independent kitchen store, HomeRule, I not only ran into two friends and made a business contact but I was able to have really great times in local stores as I purchased:

1- Journals as gifts for a WWPR speakers panel at Pulp in Midcity
2- A bottle of great red, minerally wine at Ansonia Wines on 18th
3- A baguette at Cork Market on 14th
4- New Guinea coffee beans from Filter in Dupont

My choice led to a nice walk on a beautiful afternoon, great conversations with interesting people, a networking opportunity and items checked off the list. I arrived home with bags and a big smile… thinking that once again thinking local first was the best choice.

When has choosing local paid off for you?