Femivore Candidate Spotlight: Yolanda Hawthorne

posted Friday, June 29 by Think Local First DC

An event taking place during Eat Local First Week 2012 is the presentation of the Femivore Award, which recognizes one woman’s leadership in the local food movement. Three finalists will be chosen to pitch their projects (which must GROW, NOURISH, or INSPIRE) during the Femivore Award Happy Hour and Dinner at RIS on July 16. The audience will then select a winner to receive $1,000 toward her initiative based on the most promising and inspiring project presented.

Who will be named the ultimate Femivore? Stay tuned to find out! Until then, get to know the seventeen amazing applicants currently in the running. Featured today is Yolanda Hawthorne of Zenful Bites.

Femivore Candidate:

Yolanda Hawthorne


Zenful Bites


INSPIRE – A project that gives back to the local community through local food. This could include, but isn’t limited to educational projects, art-based projects, soup kitchens or food banks.

Project/Business Description:

Yolanda Hawthorne “aims to inspire our most precious resource, our youth, by promoting health and wellness among young people through a variety of food-related activities.” She is passionate about teaching kids about cooking and about how important it is to support local businesses and farms economically. Her program, Zenful Bites: Cooking with Kids in the District, will benefit from the recognition and community support a Femivore Scholarship would provide. Yolanda plans purchase tools such as a “solar cooker, solar dehydrator, and bike-powered blender to further Zenful Bites’ mission of achieving sustainability and transformation through food.”

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