Good Food, Good Meat - White House Meats

posted Friday, July 15 by Andrew Moreno

Hey locals, it’s finally the big week! We’ve been having a ton of exciting events this week to promote local food, including our Farm-to-Table Restaurant events and our upcoming Farm-to-Street Party! Of course, none of these events would be possible without wonderful sponsors who believe in the ideas of local and sustainable food and who make it an integral part of their own mission every day. We would like you to meet one of our dear Farm-to-Street Party sponsors, White House Meats, a producer of natural, local, and humane meat from within 100 miles of Washington, DC. This week, I reached out to Seth at White House Meats so that he could share a bit more about its vision with us…

Who are the men behind the meat?
We are Jon Wrinn and Seth Cooper. By day we work as engineers, and by night we are passionate about food, meat, and eating sustainably.

Why quality meat?
Our view is that meat should be something precious, always savored, and never squandered. Good meat is a pleasure to find, a pleasure to cook, and a pleasure to eat. Once you have tasted really good meat, it is hard to settle for anything less.

Why is it important to buy locally?
Buying local doesn’t mean buying from the local store, it means that your food is entirely grown and processed within your local region. Local food has many benefits. It is fresh and tastes great, it keeps money in your region, and it fosters strong communities. By being good stewards of the land, seeking out local markets, minimizing packaging, and harvesting food only when it is ready to consume, local farms can also significantly reduce the environmental impacts of farming overall.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?
Our biggest challenge is finding ways to be at all price competitive with mainstream meat. Our beef is local, dry aged, and grass fed—we hold everything to the highest standards of animal welfare, sustainability, and taste, and that is expensive. The margins are slim if they exist at all.

Why are you excited to be a part of Eat Local First week?
We are excited about ELF week because it’s great to see how many people are starting to get involved and care about this issue. Eating local can solve many of our health, evironmental, and social justice issues.

Do you have any interesting upcoming events?
We have a Meat-Up this Saturday, July 16th, in Capitol Hill for local, grass-fed, dry aged beef and pasture raised, heirloom pork, and people can sign up on our website,