Local Banking for a Strong Local Community

posted Tuesday, July 12 by Andrew Moreno
sponsor bank of georgetown

Perhaps the most non-traditional of our Eat Local First Farm-to-Street Party is the Bank of Georgetown, a community bank that is committed to being the best neighborhood bank in Washington. Bank of Georgetown has always been a proud sponsor of the Think Local First campaign and we are glad that they are so committed to building a strong local economy. We contacted several local members of the Bank to see why being local was so important to them, and we encourage you to join them in supporting local business…

When was Bank of Georgetown founded?

Bank of Georgetown was founded in May of 2005 by Michael Fitzgerald and Curtin Winsor, two locals.

Why is being local important?

As a member of an interdependent community, Bank of Georgetown is active in the community we serve. Bank management believes that individuals and corporations are responsible for finding ways to improve the communities in which they do business.

All banking is inherently local. At Bank of Georgetown, we understand this as well as, or better, than anyone. To be a bank for the whole community is our mission and it’s a mission we take seriously.

How else is the Bank of Georgetown involved in the community?

Being a community bank means being involved in the community—in all its many aspects. That’s why you will see the name Bank of Georgetown in unexpected places: as sponsors of school events, at local sporting events, at the museums and galleries that make our city such a special place.

A partial list of the organizations the Bank supports is below.

Archdiocese of Washington

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

Catholic Business Network Montgomery County Foundation

Catholic Charities Foundation

Center City Consortium

Collective Banking Group

Cultural Development Corporation

…and many more!

What is your mission and what makes working in DC great?

Since our inception, we conceived that Bank of Georgetown would be an integral part of the City of Washington. We have deep roots in this community. Our employees and families live here. Our Board of Directors is drawn from this area. Our shareholders are your friends and neighbors.

Our mission is for our customers to experience the true meaning of a community bank. Locally owned. Locally run. Locally involved.

Washington is a great place to live and work. We’re proud of our connections here and our role in the community. We want you to join our expanding family at Bank of Georgetown—DC’s finest community bank.

More information on Bank of Georgetown can be found here: