Meet Philippe Chetrit, Localist

posted Tuesday, October 25 by
Phillip Chetrit

Philippe, an original LOCAL (from DC) is CEO of the popular LOCAL U Street creative incubator (and our office) Affinity Lab, owner of LOCAL start up Tixelated (ticketing platform that’s really focused on making tickets mobile and social), one-eighth part of Fatback (a very hip LOCAL DJ group) is certainly 100% localist.

He shares his love of LOCAL places and sandwiches with TLF!
-The club house at Hains Point – Best burger in DC.
-Fast Gourmet on 14th and W – Best sandwich in DC.
-Great Falls MD – Best place to work off sandwiches and burgers
-Wilson Aquatic Center – Second best place to work off sandwiches and burgers
-A booth at the Raven – Best place to drink cheep beer with good pals.

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