Using Social Media to Build Customers and Community- Locals Unplugged

posted Monday, September 12 by Jessica O'Neal

Local businesses know that social media can be a powerful tool to reach potential customers but it’s not always clear how to harness that power in a useful way. That’s where Fission Strategy comes in, a local business that helps organizations promote social good through social media. Thursday’s breakfast session of Local’s Unplugged, hosted by Busboys and Poets, featured Roz Lemieux, founder and partner of “Fission Strategy” :http// Roz was interviewed by friend, Provok colleague and TLF Board member, Raj Aggarwal, sharing a wealth of insight into how to effectively cultivate online relationships as a complement to traditional marketing methods.

The first step to using social media? Just do it.

“Don’t worry about getting it right at first, just worry about doing something,” says Roz. The practice will eventually become a habit and integrate itself into your business practices. Roz also stressed the need for tailored content for different formats. She recommends visuals for Facebook and reaching out via twitter for political issues in order to “reach people who reach other people”. Roz and Raj agreed that an important use of social media is to establish your business as an expert in a specific arena. However, Roz points out that the conversion levels of social media can be hard to track, so it may not be the best marketing tool for every business.

Bottom line: you need to figure out what works best for your local business.

Join us for the next Locals Unplugged, October 13 featuring the founder of Yoga District!